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Customer Relationship Management v1.0


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Description of
Customer Relationship Management
Customer Relationship Management is key part of B2B business. If you don’t take care of client on regular basis you might loose them. And You can more focus on more potential clients rather then others. There are many CRM available in market. But need to see what is best CRM. And what is your need and as per that you should final your CRM. Get your team Smarter and take best value out of them.

• Attend your query in 24 hours of business working day
• All of your data will be stored on your server only

Key Aspects of "Customer Relationship Management" :
+ Business Leads can be easily managed through source, status, priority and city.
+ Easily evaluate each lead and search any contact with “search” tool.
+ Add unlimited contacts and delete unwanted data.
+ Manage leads by months-wise, priority-wise; lead source-wise, user wise leads, etc.

Features :

# Relation History tracking
Relation history tracking enables you to track the history of all your customers, and classified them as workable or non-workable leads. It includes the reviewing of various aspects of your previous customer such as attendance of all previous events, all upcoming events, marketing communications, sales opportunities: current and historical, and contacts between your staff and your customers, and etc.

# Export Leads facility
Export leads facility helps you to capture the lead data from the system and deliver that data in csv or xls format, and it is done by the admin or agent. You can download name, phone numbers, email id, and other personal information using this facility. Also, such leads database consists of pre-screened and time-sensitive leads enhancing work-efficiency, high performance, and business consistency.

# Import leads facility
Import leads facility helps businesses to realize their full business potential, and explore the world of workable leads and good ROI. It helps you to capture the leads data from the system and import that data in csv or xls format, and it is done by the admin or agent. Download name, phone numbers, email id, and other personal information using it, and enhance your business performance.

# Email template Editing
Email template Editing helps you to create or edit your own email templates building beautiful templates. It provides you great flexibility and control over your template design and let you be creative as well. You can easily drag, drop, duplicate, reposition, and resize any element in your template in shorter timings. Besides, you can change email templates the way you want without any HTML skill or IT help.

# User profile management
User profile management helps the users to manage the settings as per windows environment with improved logon and logout service. It resembles like individual’s personal settings like wall papers and screen savers. This system enables the user to do changes and modifications as and when required. It is easy and simple yet cost effective tool to manage windows settings efficiently.

# Google calendar Integration for reminding
Google calendar Integration for reminding is an effective and economical business tool that keeps you up-to-date with your daily business routine. You can simply remain in touch with your of day-to-day business actions, meetings, projects, and other relevant business deals. It enhances your business performance, and boosts your business commitments as well.

# Online video
Online video facility over web has put huge impact on your business flow. It has rationalized the flow of online visitors more drastically than ever. With online videos updated regularly on various themes on net people find it more useful and time saving. You can see tons of latest free movies, TV shows, TV serials, celebrity chat show, and more. It’s a good way to enhance your web PR.

# Webinars
Webinars means web based seminars organized by businesses to achieve higher revenue and business growth compared to their competitors. It bridges an effective communication between your sales and marketing departments. You can do business presentation, lecture, conduct workshop or seminar and discuss information with your viewers, and bring your business in focus.

# Live demo
Live demo can boost up your marketing strategies firmly, and making your business prospects stronger than ever. We provide live demo software where in you can fill your service based requirements, and based up on that our sales team will come in your contact and assists you further. It’s a strong way of communicating business that yields more!

• Operating System : Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Mac OS X, Windows Vista
Customer Relationship Management
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